27 June 2019

Fire alarm on the third floor of Atlantic Business Center

At 11 o’clock this morning a programmed simulation of an emergency situation was carried out which required the evacuation of the building.
The alarm was triggered by a hypothetical fire in one of the offices on the third floor of Area A.
The emergency procedure was immediately taken care of by the staff of Finstar and the concierge, as well as by the safety managers of the hosted companies.
The automatic evacuation system has looped a recorded message with emergency instructions through the speakers scattered throughout the building.
At the same time, all REI fire doors were automatically unlocked and the staff carefully checked their proper functioning.

Emergency evacuation simulation in the Atlantic Business Center

Everything went well as planned. All safety equipment worked well.
Employees, guests and customers present in the complex at the time of the alarm have behaved very well following the voice instructions disseminated in all environments.
Today’s heat created a group of people in the shade under the entrance gate.
The time for a chat and then immediately back to work. This too was an opportunity to get to know each other better.
Congratulations to all for the excellent management of this (fortunately only simulated) emergency.