5 March 2024

In the Heart of the Atlantic Business Center, a group of courageous and determined individuals have a crucial but often little recognized task: cleaning the facades of our complex, lowering themselves from above with surprising dexterity and skill.

These professionals, often referred to as “draggers,” perform essential work in maintaining the beauty and safety of the Atlantic Business Center.

Facing heights and challenges with determination, making sure you always do them flawless.

Their day begins with rigorous preparation: they carefully inspect the tools, monitor the weather conditions and make sure they have all the time necessary to ensure safe and effective cleaning. They wear protective clothing and specific equipment to face the challenges that await them.

Once ready they climb onto the roof and begin the controlled descent along the external walls of the building. Using ropes, harnesses and advanced safety devices, they move with pinpoint precision, cleaning every surface with care and attention to detail.

But their work goes beyond simple cleaning. These experts are also trained to identify and report any structural or maintenance problems that could compromise the integrity of the complex, their keen eye can reveal small defects before they become serious, thus helping to ensure everyone’s safety.

Despite the challenges and risks, these anonymous heroes carry out their work with pride and dedication. Their professionalism and expertise are fundamental to keeping the Atlantic Business Center in perfect condition and to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

In conclusion, we should be grateful to these individuals who, with their courage and skills, ensure that the facades of our buildings shine with cleanliness and that our complex is a place to be proud of.