9 July 2024

This morning, a successful evacuation test took place at Atlantic Business Center, involving customers, employees and security personnel.

The exercise was organized to guarantee the safety of all those present in the event of an emergency and to verify the effectiveness of the evacuation procedures.

The evacuation began at 11:00 with the activation of the fire alarm.

All those present followed the instructions of the security personnel and reached the designated emergency exits in an orderly and timely manner.

Within minutes, the entire building was completely evacuated.

The Manager stated: “We are very satisfied with the response received during this evacuation test.

The safety of our drivers and staff is our top priority.

Drills like this help us ensure everyone knows exactly what to do in an emergency.”

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the evacuation drill for their cooperation and commitment to keeping Altantic Business Center a safe place for everyone,

We will continue to work to continually improve our security measures and maintain a high level of focus on these key issues.

For further information on our security procedures, you can contact us on 02-5060859 or by email at info@finstar.it