Hosted companies: Bizerba

Thanks to the tenacity and entrepreneurial foresight of the Kraut family, Bizerba has grown into a globally operating group. Operating today in 120 countries, the company serves a diverse customer base through more than 40 subsidiaries and a global sales and service network. The Bizerba team is currently made up of 4,500 employees worldwide. Together with the management, it generates an annual turnover of approximately 800 million euros.

The history of Bizerba has the flavor of a family saga, made up of triumphs and challenges. A story that speaks of entrepreneurial courage and the ability to know how to continually reinvent one’s company, the desire to open new markets, adapt to constantly changing needs, always keep up with the times. For five generations. In 2016 Bizerba celebrated its first 150 years. A century and a half in which the world has changed rapidly – and Bizerba with it. In the history of the company, however, there is a common thread that has remained unchanged over time: a special sense of family, supported by the desire not to forget one’s origins, while aiming to conquer distant markets. For Bizerba, Balingen is more than just a syllable in the company name – it is our beloved home. A now rare constant in these times of rapid change. The following contributions tell of the creative minds of these five generations, of stories and anecdotes of their eras, of discoveries and revolutionary products. And also of the people who represent Bizerba today.