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Stringed instruments for study, but of good quality!

We specialize in the sale of stringed instruments for students and young musicians…but not only.

Aware of the complexity of studying a stringed instrument, we want to make the training course easier and more exciting by proposing instruments that are first of all comfortable to use, with a good sound, aesthetically pleasing and last but not least, with an excellent quality/price ratio

Once they arrive in Italy, all the instruments are carefully checked and tuned by our luthier. While there is a distinction in quality between instruments for beginner students and instruments for an advanced and master level, we are committed to ensuring that each instrument, from beginner level up, is above all comfortable to use, has a good sound, is balanced and of easy emission, in addition to being aesthetically well-finished.We strive to make life easier for both our dealers and teachers by making sure our instruments require little maintenance before and after the sale, and help make the teaching process more enjoyable.We are in fact convinced that starting with a good instrument it is easier to become a good musician!