Hosted companies: Shibaura Machine

“Shibaura” is where it all started. Through our customers, we had to support Japan and the world. After 70 years, this spirit of manufacturing in Shibaura remains unchanged today.

Shibaura Machine’s engineering origins go back more than a century to Shibaura Engineering Works Co., founded in 1875. Over the next many decades we have continued to grow and evolve, through challenges and adversities, to become a leading global manufacturer of a wide variety of innovative, precise, extremely reliable machinery. Our proven ability to quickly identify and respond effectively to market changes reflects a DNA built to build and reach.

Shibaura Machine was among the first companies in the world to establish mechatronic-oriented production systems. Continuous research and development, always looking for a better way, has allowed us to take advantage of our advanced precision technologies and sophisticated electronics expertise and use them to improve the machines we build for our customers. It is the continuity we have achieved over generations of accumulated skills and knowledge, our ability to build on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, that makes us special.