Hosted companies: SR Labs – The eye tracking company

SR Labs has been a leader since 2001 in the development of highly accessible multimodal systems based on eye tracking technology.
Eye tracking is the technology and the method by which to acquire, record and analyze eye movements.

The company’s mission is to extend the use of eye tracking technology beyond the pure research field.
Its integration enables people with disabilities to communicate better and companies to optimize their marketing communications.

SR Labs - the eye tracking company

SR Labs is headquartered in Atlantic Business Center since 2016, where it occupies an office of 315 sqm (3,390 sqft) on the third floor.
The offices were organized with glass partitions to ensure the predominant use of natural light and excellent liveability in the various operating areas.

SR Labs offers advanced solutions both hardware and software in the fields:
Healthcare, to support the communication of people with reduced mobility or cognitive abilities;
Marketing & usability, helping companies to understand the effectiveness of their products through the eyes of their customers;
Eye tracking integration, designing new ways of interaction through the integration of eye tracking technology;
Scientific research, with the set-up of scientific laboratories equipped with eye tracking and biometric devices.

It counts among its clients major universities, research centers and health facilities, as well as the main players in the marketing and advertising industries, such as: Accenture, AISLA, Alitalia, Amplifon, Angelini, Banca Sella, Barco, Barilla, Bosch, Campari, CNR, Costa Crociere, De Agostini, Edison, Ferrero, Findus, Fox, GE, GFK, Gillette, IGPDecaux, Ikea, Inail, Intesa Sanpaolo, Ipsos, Ldl, Liquigas, Mellin, Ministero della Salute, Nestlé, Nokia, P&G, Philips, Regione Sicilia, UniCredit, Vodafone.