11 October 2021

Linate airport is strategic for the new Alitalia: “Milan-Rome, no more dualisms between the hubs”

Fabio Lazzerini, CEO of Italia Transporto Aereo – who will officially take over from Alitalia on October 15 – confirms that the “Forlanini” in Milan remains a strategic investment for the new company and a valuable asset for future commercial collaborations with foreign carriers.
“The city airport is located in one of the regions with the highest GDP on the continent, it must be connected as much as possible”

Milano Linate airport

Linate at the center

CEO Lazzerini clarifies that the heart of ITA’s operations in Milan will be Linate. “The dualism of the hubs is one of the reasons that damaged Alitalia: we try to do things well in the Roma Fiumicino hub and to do even better at Linate because it is strategic and for which we have fought with the EU to preserve the slots as much as possible”. On the Milan city airport he remarked: “Linate needs to be connected as much as possible: in the plan we have point-to-point, multi-frequency connections, mainly designed for business customers”.

The city airport remains essential

Lazzerini in a interview with Corriere della Sera: “Linate is an investment, because if you lose the slots you never get them back. In our plans it will pay off very quickly already at the beginning of the 2022 summer season”.
And again: “You cannot start as a national airline without presiding over Linate, which is fundamental both for our business and in view of the alliance with the future partner. A strong presence on Linate is an asset to put on the table”.

Good news for Atlantic Business Center

The proximity to the City Airport of Milan Linate and the Tangenziale Est ringroad are also a fundamental asset for the companies housed in the Atlantic Business Center and for their customers, both Italian and international.
The Linate strategy of the new Alitalia (combined with the new urban mobility plans such as Line 4 of the Milanese Subway), reinforces the importance of our complex as an ideal location in Milan for forward-looking companies aimed to seize the opportunities offered by the PNRR for post-pandemic restart.

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