19 June 2019

The Territory Governance Plan (Piano di Governo del Territorio – PGT) for Milan 2030

The Municipal Council of Milan adopted on March, 5th 2019 the Territory Governance Plan (Piano di Governo del Territorio – PGT), which includes the new Plan Document, the variant of the Service Plan, including the Plan for Religious Equipment and the variant of the Rules Plan, accompanied by the Environmental Report, the non-technical summary, the Summary Statement and the Reasoned Opinion regarding environmental compatibility.

Read the complete PGT on the website of the Municipality of Milan >>>

PGT Milan 2030

The observations to the PGT started, the voice of the citizens

From June 15 to July 15 all citizens, associations, municipalities, stakeholders and anyone who wants to contribute to the Milan 2030 vision can submit their observations to the Territory Governance Plan.

To encourage participation at this stage, for the first time you will be able to present your requests online.
It has been prepared a special service for the compilation and submission of observations, available online at www.pgt.comune.milano.it

The PGT is available in digital version, with maps and tables available on the Geoportal of the Municipality of Milan and all text documents readable in open format on the dedicated site. Both tools allow an interactive consultation of the contents and allow citizens to insert their observations by clicking directly in the area of interest, writing and drawing.

The PGT sections available online

PGT Milan 2030 Documento di Piano

Documento di Piano

Ddp – Plan Document

PGT Milan 2030 Piano delle Regole

Piano delle Regole

PdR – Rules Plan

PGT Milan 2030 Piano dei Servizi

Piano dei Servizi

PdS – Services Plan

PGT Milan 2030 Piano per le Attrezzature Religiose

Piano per le Attrezzature Religiose

PAR – Plan for Religious Equipment

PGT Milan 2030 Valutazione Ambientale Strategica

Valutazione Ambientale Strategica

VAS – Strategic Environmental Assessment

Atlantic Business Center towards Milan 2030

We carefully follow the developments of the Territory Governance Plan for Milan 2030 and participate in its discussion with our requests for the Fantoli-Mecenate area.

As part of the project for the promotion and development of the area, we are implementing a major restructuring of all the premises now offered for lease and we have stopped the rise in rents for offices and warehouses available in Atlantic Business Center.

Now available for lease

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