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News and articles with “CAMM” tags, labeled as related to C.A.M.M. (Consorzio Autostazione Merci Milano, via Fantoli, via Monluè, active since 1964 until 1984).

Exit # 5 of the A51 Highway Tangenziale Est di Milano (Milan east ring road) is still called CAMM and is 300 meters from our Atlantic Business Center in Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 7.

Atlantic Business Center is a business center that offers offices, warehouses, laboratories, archives, parking spaces and advertising spaces for rent.

CAMM is also the name of the district between Via Mecenate, Via Fantoli, Parco Monlué and Milano Linate Prime airport, straddling the ring road. The strategic location of an office or warehouse 300 meters from the ring road and 2 km from the airport of Milan Linate has indisputable advantages (like breathing out of the chaotic traffic of the city center); if then it is served (very) close by the main national and international transport carriers the advantages multiply and become real economic savings.

Let’s add that from the beginning of 2019 the new ZTL Area B, the largest in Italy, is active in Milan, which prohibits entry to polluting vehicles. Atlantic Business Center is just outside Area B: the control camera of the 16 gate on Via Fantoli is 50 meters from our entrance.
(read our article “Atlantic is just out of the new Area B” written on March, 29th 2019)

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