24 March 2020

Sanitation intervention for COVID-19 containment planned for Saturday, March 28th

Atlantic Business Center has always placed the utmost emphasis on safety and wellbeing of the people who frequent it, applying rigorous standards of cleanliness and hygiene. With the risks associated with COVID-19 and in line with World Health Organization guidelines, we have already implemented a number of additional measures for the safety of all:

  • all contact points in public areas such as door handles, elevator buttons, shelves, table tops, railings etc. are constantly cleaned with an alcohol-based and / or ammonia-based disinfectant;
  • floors and surfaces are washed daily with bleach-based products;
  • the staff is equipped and constantly uses hand sanitizers, and constantly monitors their body temperature;
  • the concierge has implemented scrupulous rules of conduct, temporarily not authorizing staying inside the concierge if not for collecting the mail and / or communications but in any case keeping the safety distances and using gloves, masks and disinfectant gels.

In order to maintain the safety of the center and its users at the highest level, we have planned a further sanitization intervention for Saturday 28 March 2020 at 11:30, during which a nebulizing treatment with PLURISAN will be carried out in all the common areas, atria, stairs, elevators and concierge.

PLURISAN is a germicidal Medical Surgical Device based on quaternary ammonium salts, whose effectiveness acts within 30 seconds destroying 99.90% of the organisms present.

This treatment will be carried out by the Indigo Group, our usual supplier for periodic pest control treatments.

IMPORTANT: no person and / or animal must be present during the treatment and in the following two hours.

For further information (in Italian):
Protocollo di disinfezione Gruppo Indaco
Scheda tecnica PLURISAN